No one should be left behind in the digital age

We are not all equal. As many as 1 in 4 people on the planet have a disability, and Disabled people experience significant economic and social disadvantages.

Illustration: a wheelchair user in nature using a smartphone

Across the world, Disabled people experience poorer outcomes—poorer health, education and employment; lower income; higher rates of poverty; higher cost of living. This is partly because Disabled people experience barriers in accessing things many people take for granted—health care, personal wellbeing, education, employment, financial wellbeing, commerce, transport, political engagement, information.

We live in an increasingly connected, online world. The World Wide Web and digital applications are important in many aspects of our lives, and people are getting left behind.

Source: Return on Disability 2020.

We embed accessibility as a practice

We help digital teams design and build products and services that don’t exclude Disabled people.

Using tech for good has always been at the heart of our work. We’ve been making the digital world more accessible for nearly 20 years, but as we’ve evolved, it’s become less about technology and more about people, the society we live in, and how technology serves us.

Accessibility is good design, and what is essential for some is useful for all. It’s a quality of your work rather than a goal to achieve. It’s the result of a team effort and requires new skills, practice and the right mindset.

Let‘s put people at the heart of your work.

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