Legal bumph fills us with as much joy as it probably does you, but we’ve put these terms together to give you an idea of how we work, minimising risk for us both. We believe in building genuine working relationships with those we work with through personal service and ethical trading, so we try to make our terms as fair as possible.

Please read this carefully, and please do get in touch if anything is unclear or you have any questions. While we use these terms as a framework for the way we like to work, we’re open to suggestions.

These terms were last reviewed on 6 July 2022.

Our agreement with suppliers

These are the terms for suppliers to As It Should Be Ltd (“the company”, “us”, “we”, “our”). By agreeing to be our supplier, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. We may update these terms and conditions at any time, and we give existing suppliers notice when changes are made. The latest version can always be found on this page.

Please note that other terms and conditions won’t be accepted unless agreed in writing in advance.

Contracts with suppliers are established on a case-by-base basis. We assess potential suppliers for their alignment to the company’s values, and are asked to give consideration to the following when supplying goods and services to us:

  1. Having policies on business ethics and sustainability
  2. Paying a living wage
  3. Not undertaking any work using slavery, forced labour, or child labour
  4. Not undertaking any discriminatory employment practices, including those relating to recruitment, promotion, training, remuneration and benefits
  5. Avoiding involvement in illegal, immoral or otherwise contentious activities or unethical sectors such as fossil fuels, gambling, human trafficking, tobacco, weapons, etc.
  6. Minimising negative impact on the environment


We sometimes use subcontractors to help us on projects. When we work with subcontractors, they are required to adhere to our policies.

For example, on projects that require particular security clearance measures, subcontractors are expected to take the necessary steps as if they were an employee.


Working towards greater equity and inclusion is what we do, so we commit to creating equitable opportunities for suppliers owned or run by people from all walks of life.

We want fair and diverse representation in our supply chain, and are keen to support marginalised people. We encourage existing and potential suppliers to share information with us about diversity in their ownership, governance and workforce.

How to get paid

To ensure prompt payment, invoices should quote any Purchase Order number given for the work and be sent to

We generally pay invoices when we receive them. When it’s not possible to pay an invoice immediately, we pay all undisputed and valid invoices from SMEs within 14 days of receipt, and all invoices are paid within 30 days of receipt, unless otherwise stated in our supplier contract.

If there is any reason why an invoice will not be paid by the terms agreed, we’ll contact you as quickly as possible to discuss it.

We are signed up to the Prompt Payment Code, a voluntary code of practice for businesses, which is administered by the Office of the Small Business Commissioner on behalf of BEIS. The above commitments are made in line with the Prompt Payment Code, and we encourage our suppliers to adopt these practices as well, to help create a more fair and robust economy for small businesses.

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Should things go wrong

We work hard to maintain good working relationships with our suppliers. If we get something wrong, we want to hear about it so that we can put things right and learn to do better in the future.

If things do go wrong while working with you, please tell us. See our complaints policy to find out how we handle complaints in a fair, consistent and timely fashion.

Acceptance of agreement

By agreeing to provide services to us, you’re telling us that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. Your statutory rights are not affected by agreeing to these terms and conditions.