Digital is physical

Devices that connect us with the world have become part of our daily lives, but they are only part of our digital stories.

We may not see the data we create, but what we store online has a very real presence and it uses energy 24 hours a day. A lot of energy. The Internet uses as much electricity and emits as much carbon as the world’s largest countries. And our daily use of tech continues to rise.

Source: Mozilla Internet Health Report 2018.

Making digital greener

Illustration: a person in nature being mindful

Being greener shouldn’t be about being perfect. It should be about being more aware and taking small steps to doing things in better ways.

We help digital teams better understand how their work can impact the planet, and we teach how to design and build better digital products and services. Ones that use less energy and have less of an impact on the environment and nature. Improved speed, SEO and user experience with lower carbon emissions. What’s not to like?

Let’s make digital better for our planet.

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