our policies

This policy explains our process when it comes to resolving complaints from clients, partners, suppliers or workers.

This policy was last reviewed on 12 December 2022.


We've always enjoyed developing positive working relationships built on transparency and good communication, and always aim to provide positive outcomes, whether you're a client, partner, supplier or worker. If we get it wrong, we want to hear about it so that we can put things right and learn to do better in the future.


We follow a process to make sure that we handle complaints in a fair, consistent and timely fashion. If you are unhappy with our service or the way a member of our team has behaved, we recommend that you:

  1. In the first instance, let your usual point of contact know what the problem is by email, telephone or in writing. They will aim to resolve issues quickly and fairly.
  2. If your usual contact is unable to resolve the matter, you should make an official complaint to management. You should contact us via the website, or email us at complaints@digitalasitshouldbe.com. Give as much detail as you can: the project to which the complaint relates, dates, times, and your preferred contact details. Tell us what you feel needs to be done to put things right.
  3. We will confirm receipt of your complaint within 2 working days using your preferred contact details.
  4. Before investigating your complaint, we may contact you to make sure we've fully understood your complaint.
  5. Your complaint will then be investigated by management. We aim to provide a written response to your complaint within 5 working days. Complex matters may take longer to resolve. In such cases, we will provide an update within 5 working days, and try to give an estimate of how long it will take to respond more fully.
  6. We hope that this will lead to a satisfactory resolution. However, if you are still unhappy, you can make an appeal, which will be referred to a company director for review. You will receive a detailed explanation of any decision, usually within 5 working days.
  7. If you are still dissatisfied, you may like to seek help from the Dispute Appointment Service offered by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.