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This training should be mandatory for new app developers. I wish I’d had it over a decade ago back when I was starting iOS development.

Graham Weir , iOS developer

Mobile accessibility has been a focus of ours for more than a decade—we’ve been working on accessible mobile apps since the first iPhones. We mainly work on iOS and Android, but whatever the platform you use, we can train your teams to design and develop with accessibility in mind.

As with all our training, we can tailor courses to fit the needs of your team, from first principles to advanced techniques.

Mobile app accessibility topics

Here are a few examples of topics we can cover:

  • Overview of accessibility features on iOS and Android
  • Policy, standards, guidelines and laws
  • Visual design, UX and editorial
  • Best practices for accessible design and development of mobile apps
  • Coding techniques for common design patterns
  • Native accessibility APIs on iOS and Android
  • Testing mobile apps for accessibility

Not only was the content exactly what I was hoping to get, your delivery style and patience with us all was absolutely fantastic!

Billy Gregory , Senior Accessibility Engineer

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