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Photo: Jon Gibbins

As our founder and senior consultant, Jon’s responsible for guiding the company in its mission and overseeing client relationships. He’s passionate about accessibility, sustainability and business ethics, and is highly regarded as a leading expert on accessibility in iOS and Android apps.

Jon has worked with organisations of all sizes across a variety of sectors with a clients list that includes Alzheimer’s Society, Atkins Global, National Geographic, OVO Energy, Possible, RNIB, Travelodge, UNICEF, Virgin, and more you’ll likely know. His work has been used by teams at Google, and he’s trained teams at the BBC, the Met Office, the Office for National Statistics, and Sainsbury’s.

He’s been active in the digital accessibility community since 2004, promoting best practices and sharing resources for accessible design and development, most notably as @a11y on Twitter. He presents at events around the world, and is an organiser and host of the Bristol Inclusive Design & Development meetup.

Through his networks, he connects with and supports other small businesses to become more responsible businesses that align their work to their values and consider people and our planet alongside profit. In 2020, he co-founded a local sustainable business club for small business owners who are interested in business sustainability and ethics.

An outstanding and encouraging communicator and teacher. Look no further than Jon Gibbins. He is simply the best.

Sharron Rush , Knowbility