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Live review webinars

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A good way to dip your toes in the water. Get one of our friendly experts on a 30-minute video call to take a look at your own website or mobile app – we promise we’ll be gentle!

Benchmarking assessments

One of our experienced consultants will review what you’re working on, whether that’s an existing website or app, or something that’s just getting started. They’ll report any issues identified and recommend actions that will make it greener, more accessible, or both.

We can also assess your level of digital accessibility maturity, reviewing your existing practices, policies, processes and initiatives to identify knowledge gaps or other opportunities for improvement.

Accessibility design reviews

Illustration: a wheelchair user in nature using a smart phone

Have your design assets – wireframes, storyboards, comps, style guides, design system, component library – checked for accessibility concerns so they can be fixed before you even start building.

Accessibility audits

Expert reviews based on guidelines from the W3C, the international standards organisation for the World Wide Web. We provide a level of detail appropriate to your project, from getting the basics right through to a fully comprehensive conformance audit, or a balanced approach based on available time or budget.

Digital accessibility audits tests your product or service against the internationally recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to identify the level of conformance achieved and recommend actions.

User testing with Disabled people

Through working with our partner organisations, who have years of experience in user research and running user testing sessions with Disabled people. Panels of people with a range of different impairments and who use different assistive technologies are ready to test your work.

Digital sustainability reviews

Illustration: a person in nature being mindful

Have your website or mobile app assessed for ways to make it better for the planet.

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