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Insightful. I’ve never thought about digital in this way. But I love the takeaways… aiming for progress, not perfection.

Stephen Leach , Software Engineer

Our devices and digital technologies have become part of our daily lives. These devices and the things they enable us to do rely on digital data—electronic information sent over wires or through the air. Data is invisible—intangible and abstract. In the “cloud”—all light and fluffy!

But data is physical. Not just in the devices we use, but in our global communications infrastructure and all the electricity it uses 24 hours a day.

Our digital sustainability training discusses green technology, digital carbon footprints, and the impact of data centres and other internet infrastructure on the environment. We guide you through solutions, and give helpful advice and achievable actions you can start using today to reduce the negative impacts of our tech and make it better for our planet.

Here are a few examples of topics we can cover:

  • Introduction to digital sustainability
  • Sustainable technology for small businesses
  • Greening your website

From £375 + VAT

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