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We can offer ongoing advice and technical support for your team when they need help with digital accessibility or sustainability.

Help desk service

An online portal gives you a set amount of support for your team and their work from our experienced consultants.

We offer flexible, fixed-cost packages that can really help when implementing accessibility or sustainability in your digital products – for example:

  • giving advice on issue prioritisation or answering queries following an assessment
  • confirming that implemented solutions resolve the issues raised by an audit
  • providing advice when procuring accessible products and services

Coding support for your website or mobile app

Hands-on support for improving your product or service by coding solutions for issues and contributing to code bases. We don’t build whole websites or mobile apps for you, but we can point you in the right direction, or connect you with one of our partners. We can:

  • work with your team in fixing issues after an assessment
  • code accessibility support into your website or mobile app
  • advise on building green, accessible websites
  • help create lightweight, accessible design systems

Technical research

Whether you’re team are working on accessible solutions or making things greener, we can provide technical research on specific issues or solutions.

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