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Embedding digital accessibility and sustainability

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Whether as guiding partners or as teachers, we help make digital accessibility and sustainability a part of how work gets done.

We offer tailored consulting services to embed digital accessibility and sustainability in your organisation through knowledge, skills and best practice. Our experienced consultants guide your approach, embed knowledge in your teams, and help you to establish long-term strategies so that accessibility and sustainability become part of how you work.

We typically charge a day rate for these services.

Embedded expert advisors

Extend your team with our experienced consultants – our digital accessibility and sustainability expertise on hand for your project to:

We can pair you with one of our network of consultants, or put together a curated team of specialists to make sure you have the skills needed for your project.

Strategic planning

It’s so much more effective to understand the terrain between where you are and your goal before you plot your course across it.

Taking time to understand your organisation, we co-create a strategy, defining what actions need to meet your needs and goals.

  • understand where you are and your vision of where you want to be
  • set objectives towards your vision and define what success looks like
  • identify opportunities and risks
  • develop roadmaps, action plans, policies and processes
  • communicate your strategy and its impacts to your team
  • assign ownership and activities to roles within your team

Experts in mobile

Our consultants have unparalleled knowledge of accessibility in mobile apps, having worked on mobile apps since the first iPhones. We offer specialised mobile app accessibility training focussed on the why, what and how of accessibility on iOS and Android.

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